eMazing Race

The Emazing Race

In this online version of the hit TV show The Amazing Race, teams visit the world’s most popular destinations from the comfort of their own home or office.


From the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal, your group will use any tool available to come up with the answers to these multi-layered questions! Pack your virtual bags!


This is NOT a trivia game. It’s a game that requires collaboration and resourcefulness using tools like online-maps, web-search, YouTube, 360 degree photos, and more. You can even phone a friend!


In this race against the clock and the competition, your team must try to complete the circuit in the fastest time possible by visiting each destination and collecting as many points as possible. This is a seriously fun game that combines team-bonding, team-building and good times.


The eMazing Race has been the choice for over 600 events worldwide in the last year alone for major clients like Google (150+ times), Amazon, IBM, Pepsi, Pfizer and many more.


For groups of 6 – 1000, this has been one of the most talked about team-bonding/building event since going virtual!

“Our team has become skeptical of virtual events and most people were not excited for another event, but this was a HIT! Everyone was engaged and excited. I think the combination of travel, intuition, research, and teams was the perfect thing to help a remote team feel together while we are still apart! Thanks for this great event! Will definitely use this program again!!!”

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